Travel abroad and remain healthy

Whoever plans to travel abroad looks forward to exciting experiences and new impressions. To ensure that these will be positive experiences, we will advise you about vaccinations and health precautions before you depart. We are also available to advise you about what to do if you have health complaints while travelling. When you return home, we will perform follow-up. We can clarify the following questions with you:

  • Which vaccinations do I need for which countries?
  • What other health precautions and medications are reasonable?
  • What precautions should I take in regard to my health status?
  • What travel risks should I be aware of?
  • I haven’t felt well since my return. Could I have caught a tropical disease?

Vaccination against yellow fever

We are a designated and registered center for yellow fever vaccination.

Costs for travel medicine

  • Travel medicine information: EUR 25,00
  • Vaccination, one injection: EUR 15,00
  • Vaccination, all following injections: EUR 5,00
  • Handout of the international vaccination certificate: EUR 2,00
  • Vaccination against yellow fever, incl. information, vaccine, certificate: EUR 60,00

All costs for travel medicine are payable on the day of the appointment. Public health insurance will not necessarily pay for the costs, please contact your insurance directly.