Controlling Tumors

Oncology concerns all kinds of cancer, and hematology is especially concerned with leukemia. Therapeutic successes have ensured that cancer can often be controlled. A diagnosed cancer, which previously meant an early death, is often a chronic illness nowadays. We desire to protect you from the results of cancer with the right preventive measures and treat you optimally if you have cancer. We offer:

  • Cancer screening and follow-up
  • Clarification of changes in your blood count
  • Second opinion in the treatment of malignant diseases
  • Care of patients with oral cancer treatment (pills) and subcutaneous tumor therapies (injections under the skin)
  • Ultrasonic examination of lymph nodes (e.g. for follow-up of malignant melanomas)
  • Disease management program for breast cancer
  • Iron transfusions
  • Blood transfusions