Our Philosophy: Knowledge, Sensitivity, Treatment

Knowledge is our foundation

Our philosophy is simple. We air to advise and treat you optimally. This is often demanding, which we fully expect. We have enjoyed excellent teaching and training, worked at famous university clinics in Germany and abroad, and attained ongoing medical education– in Harvard (USA) and Melbourne (Australia), among other places. We earned recognition as specialists and continue to keep up-to-date. Aside from all these mental challenges, our main professional goal from the very beginning of our medical careers has been simply to help people and do something meaningful.

Patients as colleagues

We want to apply our medical experience, our knowledge, and our abilities in your interest. We use our ability to explain complex matters and enable our patients to understand them. This turns patients into colleagues. They are the experts about their own diseases and healing processes. We provide all possible support they may need. Patient cooperation is a prerequisite for long-term successful treatment. Since we offer a wide spectrum of medical services, from general family medicine, like an influenza vaccination, to cancer therapy, we are able to care for your and your family consistently and comprehensively.

Recognizing and solving problems

Our experience in hospitals at home and abroad and in the treatment of severely-ill patients has heightened our sensitivity toward individuals in our care. We recognize our patients’ problems, both the medical and the human aspects, as well as the difficulties in dealing with the healthcare system. We offer assistance in all challenging situations. We cannot guarantee you can be healed, but we can do everything in our power to improve and support your personal well-being.